• The apprentice Knight


    As the youngest member of our trio of Knights, Ramaric lives in his brother Yoric’s shadow and is desperate to prove himself in battle and become a full-fledged Knight of the Kingdom. Despite his inexperience he is brave, kind and wise beyond his years.

  • The runaway daughter of the King

    Princess Ivy

    Despite growing up in royalty, Princess Ivy is more than capable of taking care of herself. Heavily pregnant and on the run, this clever Princess evaded capture from the Knights of the Kingdom for many months. Don’t be fooled by her privileged upbringing, there is more to this Princess than meets the eye.

  • The knights leader

    Sir Yoric

    The bravest and most celebrated of all the Knights of the Kingdom, Sir Yoric is the eldest son from a family of elite Knights. Dashing and highly skilled his overconfidence has been known to get the better of him. Yet behind Yoric’s bravado there is a secret longing for a quieter life away from danger and adventure.

  • The Knights finest brawler

    Sir Cedric

    Sir Yoric’s best friend and constant companion, Sir Cedric is a man with simple tastes. Never seen without his mighty Battleaxe, Cedric lives for the next battle, the next adventure… and the next feast.

  • Fallen Knights of the Kingdom

    The Damned Knights

    The Dammed Knights were once brave Knights of the Kingdom. However when their plan to overthrow the King through supernatural treachery and misadventure was thwarted they found themselves in permanent residence of Oublié forest. Decades old, they long to feast on fresh souls.

  • Brutal warriors without mercy

    The Barbarians

    Born in battle this clan of barbarians live only for war and bloodshed. No living thing passes through their territory without being marked for slaughter.

  • Indigenous beasts of Oublié forest

    The Wolfmen

    A vicious highbred of man and beast who patrol their territory ferociously protecting the last members of their dwindling clan. Over the years they have become addicted of the taste of man flesh. Woe betide any poor soul who strays into the Wolf tribe territory.

  • Femme fatal

    The Sirens

    The oldest tales of Oublié forest tell of these beautiful yet deadly creatures who lure men to their death with promises of love and sanctuary. Behind their disarming appearance is the most sadistic and bloodthirsty of creatures.

  • A clan of grumbling bandits

    The Thieves most Feral

    Whilst these dirty, pathetic creatures may look like they wouldn’t last long in a place as deadly as Oublié forest, this murderous band of feral thieves have survived through their cunning and greed alone.

  • The barbarians secret weapon


    The greatest warrior within the Barbarian clan. Mancrusher is brutal, deadly and merciless.

  • The undead assassin

    Bag of Bones

    This spectre from our heroes past looms over their ongoing quest. Watching the Knights from the shadows, Bag of Bones true intentions are unknown however its appearance is of particular concern to Sir Yoric.

The world of Knightfall is full of fantastical characters. Please navigate through the images above to learn more about Ramaric, Princess Ivy, Sir Yoric, Sir Cedric, The Damned Knights, The Barbarians, The Wolfmen, The Sirens, The Thieves most Feral and Bag of Bones.