Behind the Scenes

The Knightfall proof of concept trailer was shot in the autumn of 2015. Armed with a micro-budget a small army of filmmakers, knights, wolfmen, barbarians and other assorted creatures descended on Brokerswood in Wiltshire for some intense guerilla filmmaking.


Shooting the proof of concept trailer included the following: 1 director, 6 severed limb effects, 2 producers, 10 pints of fake blood, 1 director of photography, 9 Individual fight scenes, 1 camera assistant, 1 fight choreographer, 3 full face prosthetics, 3 make up artists, 2 runners and a production assistant, 26 characters and costumes, 1 costume designer, 30 assorted weapons (including spoons).


 During the production of the Knightfall proof of concept trailer the filmmakers also ran around with a camera shooting some behind the scenes footage. We hope you enjoy!