About the Film

Welcome to a world of Knights and Princesses. Sorcerers and Enchantresses. Ghouls and Ghosts.


Welcome to the world of Knightfall.


Knightfall is an independent Fantasy-Action Feature Film which is currently seeking funding. The film will blend the swords and sorcery of The Princess Bride with the all out blood and guts action of Evil Dead 2.


The Princess is missing. She has run away, pregnant with her first child. The King has sent three of his bravest Knights to find and return his daughter before she gives birth. The quest is supposed to be simple, yet it takes the Knights several months to find and capture the quick-witted Princess. With only a few days until the Princess is due, the exhausted Knights and their prisoner discover a short cut through the mysterious Oublié forest; a place of black magic and blood thirsty monsters.


The final hours of the Knights quest take place in Oublié forest. These hours are told in Knightfall.



The Knightfall team is a group of award-winning filmmakers who are hell bent on creating a thrilling fantasy action feature film. Knightfall is currently in pre-production and the team have created a proof of concept trailer to showcase the vision and passion behind the Knightfall feature film concept. The film will be a balls-to-the-wall action-adventure set within a unique fantasy world populated by heroic characters battling vile monsters. Creators Ben Campbell and Peter Appleyard have written a high-octane screenplay which is unyielding in its ambition and scope yet employs an elementary plot driven by the characters sheer will to survive the horrors of Oubliér Forest.


“We want to create something fresh and exciting that will introduce audiences to a new fantasy world full of possibilities. Pete and I took inspiration from the films we grew up with, action movies such as Predator and Die Hard. We love the characters and simplicity of those films, especially that they are set largely in one location with a simple set up that motivates the characters from A to B (“get to the chopper!”) with lots of carnage in-between. If those films are the essence of Knightfall then fantasy films such as Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and The Princess Bride are its spirit.” – Ben Campbell, Director & Co-writer.


“The entire process of creating Knightfall has been a dream come true. We set out to write a fast-paced adventure story that borrows from some of our favourite action and fantasy films, whilst putting our own spin on things. The most fun has been giving each of the creatures an individual voice, look and fighting style, and also developing the back stories of our three Knights in peril as well as the Princess.” – Peter Appleyard, Co-Writer


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